The Everlasting Fruits

Proverbs 1:29-32

Since Eden, we have suffered the consequences of throwing away what we know and opting for what feels good at the time but ultimately ruins us. We are compelled to eat, or partake of, the results of our actions, no matter whether they were good or evil, as the laborer is worthy of his wages.

Isaiah 3:10

History and experience have both shown what the results of obedience to God can bring. The fruits of righteous works are always good, and can lead to better things if we remain in the light.

Ephesians 5:9

As man is transitory, so are all his fleshly works and their fruits. Nothing but the Godhead and its works can last indefinitely, and God gives us the opportunity, through Christ, to partake of these everlasting fruits of grace and life.

John 6:27-58
Matthew 26:26-28

Christ sacrificed Himself to grant us a chance to partake in Him, in His truth, and in His kingdom.


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