Cleanliness & The Kingdom

Revelation 21:27

The city of God bears no impurity or wickedness, and anything contrary to his perfect laws can have no part in the kingdom. This was stressed even under the Old Covenant, on a fleshly basis.

Leviticus 13: 44-46

Even as a sickly leper was considered dead while he lived and was not allowed into the Israelite camp until cleansed of his impurity, so are sinners spiritually unclean in their unrighteousness and not allowed to enter the kingdom of God. The future holds God’s promise of a time and place with no spiritual uncleanliness.

2 Peter 3:13-14

Through Christ’s blood, we are cleansed of our sinfulness and thus admitted to the kingdom, freed from the bondage that has passed to us through the generations. Thanks to Him and His sacrifice, the gates to the city are opened to us.

1 Peter 1:18-19
Matthew 26:26-29

As fellow citizens of the New Jerusalem, let us keep in mind the price paid for our freedom, the blood and flesh Christ gave up that we might sit with Him in glory and cleanliness.


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