Lucifer: Satan’s Proper Name?

Isaiah 14:12 is the one and only place in Scripture that contains the name “Lucifer”. To point out how rare this reference is, I might also add that the KJV and perhaps a couple other versions are the only Bible translations that contain the name at all.

From this one reference in Isaiah, people take the name of Lucifer and assign it to God’s antithesis, Satan.

Here is where my mind is boggled: How can people possibly conclude that Lucifer is Satan’s proper name?

If one reads Isaiah 12, they will find in the first verse that God, through the prophet Isaiah, is specifically taunting Nebuchadnezzar and his Babylonian empire. There is no possible way for someone to contextually construe “Lucifer” (verse 12) to refer to Satan.

Indeed, we also know from the name itself that it could not possibly be Satan’s proper name. “Lucifer” is Latin, a compound word consisting of luce (light) and fere (carry or bear). The name “Lucifer” is a transliteration from the Latin copies of Scripture, which had been in turn translated from the Hebrew. Latin is not God’s language. Hebrew is. If Satan (presumed by many to be a fallen angel) has a proper name, it most certainly is not Latin!

We do know, however, that Nebuchadnezzar was often referred to by his people as the “bringer of light” and the “star of the morning”. He was compared by these terms to the morning star, the planet Venus. It was a term of adoration. In this taunt against Babylon, God uses this term in sarcasm, reminding Babylon of how high it once was, and how far it would fall. This is proven by reading this verse in context with the passage, rather than taking the verse by itself and using the enclosed transliteration as a proper name. Even a casual reader can see this is evident.

So next time you hear the name of Lucifer, don’t picture a red guy with horns and a tail who runs around poking people with a pitchfork. Think “bringer of light” and Nebuchadnezzar. As a matter of fact, if you seriously think about it, you’ll quickly realize who the real “bringer of light” is.

Our King and Savior, Jesus Christ.

If anyone has truly earned the name of Lucifer, in its truest sense, it is He. For us to assign the name to Satan would be to call him the “bringer of light”, our source of truth and glory. That, of course, is unacceptable and blasphemous.

Isn’t it amazing how the Enemy manipulates Scripture, going so far as to give himself the name most suited to Christ? Don’t fall for the deception!


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