A Thought Regarding The Rapture . . .

Yes, I’m still around. I’ve had a lot of things happening, and haven’t had a chance until now to post an update.

Just this evening, I was listening to a peddler of the Word doling out Itchy Ear Ointment to a Baptist congregation, and he launched into a tangent about the glories of the Rapture, about how one simply cannot lose their salvation, and how the oversized sandbox known as Israel is still God’s sacred cow.

In order to keep myself from jumping up and pounding my head into the nearest wall (or shouting out a challenge), I doodled on a notepad on my lap, and came up with the following acronym:








This little bit of modest creativity helped me feel better.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on more material regarding baptism and the myths and traditions surrounding it. For example: I’ve been told the “water” to which Jesus refers in John 3:5 is not the water of baptism, but amniotic fluid. An upcoming post will explore that assumption.

Until then, may God bless you and keep you from the snares of fables.


One Response to “A Thought Regarding The Rapture . . .”

  1. YES!!! The rapture is a ridiculous theory. Also, I agree that the water in John 3:5 is NOT amniotic fluid. How ridiculous can people be?! (forehead slap)

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